Coton Angels From Dolce


Dog - Aquarius 01.21 up to 20.02

      I am Dog - Aquarius and my sign is famous ingenuity, original thinking and focused penetrating intelligence. I am independent, unique and often unconventional Dog.

      For me, life can be an exciting challenge that provides endless opportunities to find other approaches to anything, even to Goody. I like my freedom, so do not be surprised when a moment depends on the place that is inaccessible to you. I am happy in frequent contact with you and others, but I also love the freedom.

      If you want me to please, and make a present to me any unusual toy. I play like that. When playing I also like the movement, games encourage me to explore the environment. I usually friendly to their surroundings and have joy in the company of many people. I am very active in devising and inventing as bored. I like my independence in this activity, so I do not understand very well why I have something "forbidden".

      The toys technical development fascinates me. If the toy knobs, buttons, or a scale, I will definitely want to know what it does, how it works and what's you're using. You say that calculators, radios, computers and video games, all or at least like to review these očichám. It's so exciting to my mind.

      Travel, even air or space can also enchant me. If you want me to travel by plane or a balloon, I'm for. I like to look at the world from a different perspective than just from the ground, believe me.

      If you play with me, can you teach me i reckon. Just a little patience, and I am one of the best dog reckoner. Maybe I work sometimes distant and detached. This impartiality gives me the opportunity to understand more love between us. I have a group of people rather than just one person, I'm just collecting dog. Therefore, we can easily join together in a group event or go to scout.

      Sometimes I have a problem with the change, and sometimes directly hunted. It's not easy with me, I'm thinking dog and sometimes i think of "horseflesh" but when beside me calm and patient Lord, I can handle anything. For me, it's hard to stand aside and to avoid joining in games or events. If I see a dog kennel, run to explore what is happening. Nothing escapes me. Not even a mouse. Although there rather leave it to the cat.