Coton Angels From Dolce


Dog - Libra 23.09. up to 23.10.

      We Dogs - Libra we are focused on maintaining harmony and balance. This sense mingle all the features of Libra. The dog with the forces under this sign needs to experience a situation full of beauty and harmony. With my sign may be combined aggression, but is often hidden under the mask of charm.

      For me, relationships are important. I am a dog, who in his youth is very sociable and likes the company of others. I do not if its near his master, then I'll find something else, like stuffed animal, a shoe or a piece of carpet. Despite the desire for relationships, but I am often very fickle and temperamental dog.

      My bad mood calms nice neighborhood and I like it when someone is talking to me. I am quite fond of musical instruments, as well as nice to look at and interesting dog toys. In my childhood dog I really like in a peaceful and harmonious environment.

      When I hear the second play an instrument or sing, I try to accompany their canine štěkavým voice. Sometimes it appeals to my surroundings, sometimes not. My favorite songs are particularly lyrical form. What I do not like is stormy and restless life.

      Already in his childhood dog was behaving rather calm and conciliatory, just to avoid inconveniences. Also, I carry heavy crude terms, blunt ways and unpleasant behavior. Refinement of my dog ??sign evokes the desire for quality in all aspects of life, not just because they need to balance your dog's life. For me, it is very easy to see the other dog what I consider perfection and feel it wanting, doing the exact same thing. Sometimes I get a feeling of inferiority, because I believe that another dog is better than me. Teach me since childhood greater confidence in their praise or rewards like a caress.

      I, as well as any weight, trouble with decision making. I do not know if the first step right or left foot if the first drink or eat. Try to come up to me an exercise where I have to constantly decide for one option that could help me and I quickly fulfill the task that you enter me.