Coton Angels From Dolce


Dog - Sagittarius 23.11. up to 21.12.

      I love the freedom most of all zodiac Dogs . For me, it is characterized by desire, foresight , optimism, versatility and openness of mind. Often, however, behave somewhat capricious, until we learn how important are your man's limitations.

      Very glad to learn , but not for a while. My teaching goes in depth, and if I have a dog associated with acting school , I can only show you what I remember. At the forefront of my list of favorite activities is also traveling. I like to meet new and interesting places.

      In addition to people, I also like the company of other animals , such as horses. I love riding their free spirit and effervescence .

      It would probably be okay warn you that I can be easily distracted by sights around and then concentrate harder . However, this tendency can be appropriately used. Remember that I'm like a dog I have limited attention spans and plan a number of things with me podnikneš . Once you fulfill the task , give us both a short break.

      I like to explore the area, so please do not close me in tight pens or tie on the chain. Once you review these surroundings, I give myself a boundary itself , where I can and where Sun Be patient with me , and I prefer to explain several times what I can and can not do. Do not worry , I understand.

      I love toys that move , sometimes just the ball and sometimes likes to be playing with a kitten that runs in front of me . It's kinda fun and it will not do anything , do not worry. Just scared the sizzle and pretty sharp claws. But it's fun when it starts to cut and run .

      If with you I feel freedom , believe me, that attach themselves to you and would not want me to go anywhere you go. I am a dog , which they soon show their gratitude , you'll see. Although I am only a dog , but I have my responsibility.