Coton Angels From Dolce


Dog - Scorpio 24.10. up to 22.11.

      I am a boy, which gives strength Scorpio, secrets, passion and ingenuity. When I play, I do it their strong feelings. Maybe for me sometimes my neighborhood not know what was happening to me, do not show it, but rather creating around the fog of mystery. This force can be terrifying to the child.

      I am very sensitive boy, so please your closest to me have patience. I now for the first time to disclose your feelings, especially when they feel pain. Often suppress their feelings and then explode and sometimes angry. I fear, however, man's impatience and rage. I know when something is amiss in the man pack and then I suffer, and sometimes it was in itself nezadržím and then I can pretty Grunt. Understanding, patient and loving the Lord for me is a real gem, I am aware of.

      My dear man, and I'm in my dog's life learning how odventilovat pain. If you feel hurt, help me your favor and you have to do with me while pomazlíš. However, if you have one to themselves, it becomes of me later and moody growling dog.

      My sensitivity has its positive aspects. It is the scorpion passion that gives me a great ability to make you happy. I like to participate all, why you marry me. I am a very talented boy, and if you'd notice, I'll make you happy. I can learn pretty "dog pieces", just give me a minute. Like you people have among themselves "artists", we are we dogs. I am very open-minded, and it just helps me to become a "artist".

      I love watching their surroundings, so please do not close me in a cage from which nothing and no one see. I am a dog watcher and I notice even the smallest detail, if you want, we can use it for fun and work.

      And I have for you, my man Lord, one more very important information. I am glad if I can sometimes fetch as one of his girlfriends dog. I am playful and love our dog and dog sex need perhaps more than other dogs. So do not be mad at me, sometimes when I take the time to fly the coop and disappear because they just moved into the neighborhood one beautiful dog lady and I need to smell it.