Coton Angels From Dolce


Dog - Cancer 22.06. up to 22.07.

      I am Dog - Cancer and I remembered that Rak gives us psíkům sensitivity, need for protection and care and also ingenuity. I am very sensitive boy and I love my home and my new parents. He also loved playing with children, especially those who are kind and caring. When I grow up into an adult dog, I will also like to close that babies and small children, and I will keep at it you can rely on.

      I know it's with me sometimes not be easy, because I need you could deal with my emotional nature. My sensitivity may stem from the fact that I fear any harm. I'm worried that I'll lose my home and love. When I realize that I like poskytuješ stability and calm conditions, I'll be your most loyal friend who will never betray you and leave you.

      Just as Cancer has its protective shell to reduce its vulnerability, so I male born in Cancer need their shell. Sometimes it is a shell of the nearest man, sometimes you get used to the shell in the form of a kennel or bed. I need to have a sense of background and security to my bed I can provide.

      I also have a request for you about the food. Nepřekrmuj me. If you recruit a lot of weight, try to understand that it is because of some fear, might feel more vulnerable or affected. You'll find it at the very beginning, we can avoid further inconveniences later.

      Please remember that it is not nice to cheat me. Very well perceive every situation. Speak to me, and call it what you've got on your tongue, I also zaštěkám when something is going to get you pointed this out.

      I am happy when I can live with thee and thy children. It is wonderful to see your children grow man. I am happy with children of all ages. I love their innocence and playfulness. Quickly react, if not with them something is wrong. Do not worry, man, I'm always early to know if your child will be fine. I like their nanny and friend.

      I'm happy in the presence of their loved ones. I like to let fondle and behave when you walk into his arms. Fascinate me toys that I can look somewhere. I like the mystery and game tracking.

      Accordingly, what I fear is a dressage training. I fear the screaming and bad mood, then it takes me hanging one leg over the other and my nose suddenly has no smell. Then it looks like I have no desire to learn something new, but it's not. I like to learn, just need more peace and quiet.