Coton Angels From Dolce


Dog - Virgo 23.08. up to 22.09.

      I am a dog born in Virgo and I like my comfort and physical well-being. Easy to identify minor inconvenience and I want to restore the natural balance as quickly as possible. I will immediately complain to whine dirty dog ??bed, bowl or sticky fur!

      One of the terms that are associated with the Virgin Dog is a nicety. This is especially true for the food, but it can also apply to my personal environment. I am very open-minded male. Due to its high sensitivity know when something is wrong. Usually I feel uncomfortable until the situation is not remedied.

      I prefer to know exactly what I can expect in certain situations, to the best use. I need to have a RUN your daily routine. I can adapt to change, but customize them much easier to change when I advance upozorníš!

      In return, convince that I'm able to be your great help in maintaining order and cleanliness in the house. Let me know that you respect my efforts. I am housebroken and deserve praise for it at least in the form of endearment or some goodies.

      Reward at all for me is also important. In that case, I know that I did something properly discharged and encourage my sense of self-esteem. So very well learn different dog training, when followed by small reward.

      I have some low self esteem because I have great demands on themselves and possibly misleading expectations own perfection. I hate worse than doing something perfectly.

      My dear Boy, let me know that I nekladeš any condition other than that, I did everything as best I can. I need to feel your love and satisfaction, it is really important for me.

      I love the intricate toys and difficult tasks. We are enamored, if anything I can explore and figure it out. I like to help others, whether they are children or elderly people who can not do without my help. If someone feels alone, also I like him a loyal friend and caring nanny.