Coton Angels From Dolce


O race

Cotton dog from Madagascar plus his origin

      Coton is called by „ Cotton dog from Madagascar". How title prompt, original home hereof doggie was island Madagascar. His tag „ Cotton" got evidently by, that the drowe most in the surrounding Cotton plantation plus his hair resemble Cotton fleece – soft hair, who is primary objective export article hereof island.

      Longitude hair is c. 8 cm. Her structure plus colour resemble fruits cotton - plant - white yellowish as far as brown touch, in youth darker, plus this stain detects and on ears. From here then name „ coton". Hair lazy, but needs regular combing plus brushing.

      Phenomenon is that a small, minute doggy, round dark eyes plus intelligent look. Win title antidepressive dog plus is advise people, living in stress situations. He likes also society children. Is attached his mister plus his love can totally reciprocation. Weight near dog is 4- 6kg, near bitch 3,5 5kg. Is that a social race plus is registered to the classes IX FCI.

      Because coton come from Madagascan cities Toliara (French Tuléar), his second title is „ de Tuléar". Race Coton de Tuléar can pride oneself on its title „ royal dog". Are here indeed two cross buntons about it, how this title got. Either him was bestowed near Spanish royal assembly hall, where may be reputedly you - nobleman, plus or him was bestowed French nobility that the live on Madagascar at the time colonization island sometimes in 18.století. Coton is said could own only prominent inhabitants Madagascar plus for man in the street was bestowed ban own these doggie.

rait of character

      Character dogs breeds Coton de Tuléar is one of the most important characteristic breeds. Pertinacity, cunning, cattiness, faith, conformability..... Next from important feature that the got during his life in wild nature Madagascan, is feature fast runner. By we have to undeceive of each of, who thinks, that the coton is typical „ couch dogs". Dogs hereof breeds are merry character, well - balanced and very affable to other dogs and people. They are able to to perfection suit to to everyone style of life.

      How we're already get in: thanks his character win title „ antidepressive dog". Got him very rightly, namely mainly because of his love for babies and people and above all for its faithful character. Usually don't pick out but one member families like his mister, but captain of his is family all. His ebullient and live character will value walks nature and can she use and at peas at home. Loves freshly attacked snow.
      Is fabulous family dog that the is ready any time to plaies. Respects and other animals living in consumer sector. Is very watchful, but isn't uselessly nobarking. To his barking him faces rather his instinct wrangler. To his size is ideal company to the town dwelling.
      Is unexceptionable to training agility and in those discipline is very successful largely in Finland and Austria. On one side is undisturbed, mild, but sidelong second, ebullient and sports dog. Therefore him in France used in the creche, in institute for disabled children even as well as in home to old and desolate the likes of company. Is dog fit for Canisterapi.

      Is then self - evident, that the coton lines among social breeds, but look here ! How already we're said, it is not no couch!!! To his docility begins excel and in new discipline that the names „ dance dog". Perhaps would are it to the he she didn't say, but this fluff cotton - wool can walk rear and demonstrate various tomfoolery, that the and adversary dogs thawing. Has unexceptionable sense of locality and by smithereens you will prove set laughing. In connection with its nature him people started say "small comedian". But nicknames this dog got more: e.g . in neighbouring Slovakia him give a name cotton, at our place cotton.


      pbringing dog Coton de Tuléar circumventing without shout and hardness. His trait you will enable coton train and placid voice. When that upbringing conceive like thrilling play, have you got won. To be quite obedient, so that isn't problem and does not become, when coton summon, to at you didn't come running. S upbringing would had start already in puppy age and he should with her start already breeder.

Care of hair

      Hair needs regular combing and brushing. Largely after walks for example in wood, when to the hair tangle detritus twigs, needles and so on If you coton will soil, be enough hair in due form wo brush up as well as by hair will clear.
      Does not require frequent bathing. But if already is need coton take a batle, use shampoos for longwoolled and whites dogs and before bathing we have to hair always in due form comb out. At brushing use comb largely in spray, that are destined for longwoolled breeds. After bathing we have to always treat hair conditioner again for longwoolled breeds. So that reach for in demand effect, she should be hair wizened always hair dryer, however disuse hot air. Hair edits of principle cut like it is customary for example near breeds Bichon á poil Friséand or Pudl.Rather is concerned adjustment sculptured hair on pads and so on
      His hair coton ranges among breeds that the draw a line at moulter periods. That is why is need ages, when turns hair from puppy on adult, brush very often, so that right her exchange. In this age is that a worst period, but when it surmount, shall we won.