Coton Angels From Dolce


Dog - The Lion 23.07. up to 22.08.

      From me - Dog - Leo - exudes warmth, confidence and strength. My Dog and Lion maturity virtues need to be reflected in the best light. I'm a bit of an actor. I know it's hard to ignore my attention! Just as I also am Sun Dog born in Leo likes the limelight.

      I will take every opportunity for me to demonstrate. I need to be encouraged, however, to win the confidence and sense of personal power. If I can shine, I'll be a lot of sad, sadder than the other dog.

      Most people have no problems devoted love and attention a small dog. Later, as the dog grows, it is these small victories do not meet with such enthusiasm. Lion character needs recognition and approval of their victory. If I get them, I will unnecessarily raise the necessary attention to less nice speeches and actions.

      I am a dog who is happy in the open. I do not like fences and fences of my options. I like my freedom, liberty and opportunity to show what is in me. I know that I am able to learn anything, and my master will be proud of me. I had a dog that wants in his life is really something big to prove.

      I am able to play in a movie or working for a rapid deployment. I have a dog that just wants to the first line. Certainly not gaučák boy, that after me please do not ask. I need constant action and change.

      I like to take responsibility and All around anyone and anything. And what you get in charge for the guarantee. I yearn for admiration and reward and know that your reward and love I deserve.

      They say that I am proud and in his youth often heavily manageable, which might be for you, my dear man uncomfortable. But, on the other hand, it is a real insult Leo insult majesty. I'm used to bark and work hard, so if you get a clear order, I know what my duty is. Finally, I want to recall that I was loyal and faithful to all those who love me and take me for who I am.