Coton Angels From Dolce


Dog - Capricorn 22.12. up to 20.01.

      Among my features include determination, practicality, ambition, reliability and endurance. I need to be respected. I want to have everything in her life under control. Perhaps you, dear Man, sometimes surprise that I want to see everything, so you sometimes need to get out and on the table, I saw that there is. I hate to just guess the situation, rather it will explore.

      One of the ways to cheer me up, give me the responsibility that is reasonable that I Dog. I need to supervise the pantry or the whole house. I'll watch the kids to make them something happened, or even All around your pets - small or large.

      I absolutely shine when I get something for their efforts. With good response you encounter when zavedeš "reward system". I understand how much value you give me a reward. Give me as much as you see fit, but do not let me, because I take everything I get. My self-esteem is associated with my results.

      Sometimes it happens that you see me, that dig and burrow. That much I need. I'm thrifty and leave something for later. Sometimes you "clean up" and his favorite toys, so if you can not find something and it's not even my favorite thing, try to see where taking with me my reward. I have a good relationship with the country, so we usually bury their treasures in the dirt.

      I am grateful for my home and bed, so not among males, who roam. I prefer to keep my shed, I do not want to cast her in another intruder. I like my "certain", and every day, so please do not forget me with the daily ration into my bowl.

      I like to pass to you or there, I'm almost able to climb a tree. Alternatively you like očichám tree and highlight. By expanding its territory dog ??when I leave my dog ??tags on trees, shrubs, benches or patnících. So for me please nehubuj moment and keep patience with my possessive nature.

      I have a very well developed sense of smell, even as a little dog likes everything očichám! I'm more of a loner dog, I prefer the company of older children or adults. I'm excited when I'm around my respects, and it does not happen often in young children, so please, man, I would rather not leave them alone.