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Welcome on our pages racial Coton de Tulear.

      Coton are temperamentally very kind plus friendly doggies. Are very teachable, playful plus faithful his mister. If shelter Cotona in arms, is that a very pleasant sensation, because has supersubtle plus on touch pleasant hair that the lazy. Their round bud arrange this doggies expression cherubs, even if know how to be sometimes nice imps. We have in doggy Harry plus bitch Cilku, Adélku, Carmen, Ofi a Nessie. Our priority is breeding of healthy lovely cotons. We care about our puppies in their new homes and advising to new owners with their education and care.

      To interested person about ours puppies be done photo to are knew what all from us carry not only with new puppies which will be not only joy to the your home and life but also beautiful care. That is why we're arbitrated as though ours puppies this way to the start of ensure :- )


!!! PUPPIES S !!!   see here

On September 25, 2014 We went to dog heaven our first Coton Harry Van El Best of Cotton

      Those interested in the coverage we offer two dogs of our first puppies Alechandra Angel and moremore here

On 8/15/2015 We brought home a new member of our family. Full name jemnuje Ofelia from Donna with Love but we call her Ofinka :-). Ofinka is originally from Belgium.

      07.04.2011 Today we brought home a new member of our pack, full name of Captain Jack Sparrow, but we call him Jack. Jack we have from our friend Lenka Schwarzer kennel Sleepy Hollow Ranch.

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