Coton Angels From Dolce


Dog - Taurus 21.04. up to 21.05.

      I like to change your mind about what to do and what not. Among my dog ??features include stability, consistency and creativity. I like the established order. Please understand you, I would like to learn from their own experiences. Maybe I'm doing something slower, but believe me, thoroughly. I like to get involved the whole "dog" if you want something from me. I have a very powerful sense, even though it may not be apparent at first sight.

      Very quickly I'm learning. I like my home, my bed, my playpen. Indulge me a little space just for me, where I have my bowl of your allocation. Believe me, I like order and I'm good. Not advise anyone to take me out of my bowl. I also do not lie second in the "chow".

      I do not like change, so if you want to change something or move somewhere, please tell me in time so I had time to properly prepare for the change. Otherwise I might be nervous, because I do not know what to expect and that really scared. I like being at home where my Lord or mistress. Maybe there will be some difficulties if you will be near me any more of your favorite pet. Excuse me, I have a little problem and I'm jealous of someone or something to share. However, if you find that the other pet do not lose anything, I like to share with everyone about the heat my home.

      I like everything očichám. That's why I'm suspicious. So you can see how přivoním to flower, grass, taste, smell and sometimes I need all household odors, if everything is as it should be.

      I'm like in nature, just me occasional walk on a leash in the nearby woods or meadow. If I let out, you'll see that I stay close to you, I am afraid of loneliness and the fact that I lost. I love your confidence and you, my best friends and breadwinner.

      The activities I tenacious and dedicated to your wishes. Physical activity is for me a pleasant addition vzpružením day. I like to go with you to the training course, where they look to other dogs, what is the new learned. I know how to find one's way different exercises, that you should know. I'm really keen and willing to learn. I like to learn.