Coton Angels From Dolce


Dog - Gemini 22.05. up to 21.06.

      Dog-Gemini I have a very variable mood, my properties are diversity, curiosity, wit and variability. I have many interests. I am playful and takes my attention as soon as something new and desire to explore. Remember that Dog Gemini need variety and have the ability to see everything from many sides.

      Small Dog Gemini has a great sense of mischievous wrongdoing. Although a small dog with blíženeckými properties can get into tight situations, usually can somehow dig out of trouble or vykňučet, or find a quick solution to get out of trouble.

      Often reflected in our love of talking, and Dog Gemini can beautifully. Speaks barking, whining, grunts, growling, screeching, growling or just shakes his head from side to side and puts his ear to the unthinkable positions. My dear lady, either prefer to keep your wits, because I, if I had a dog baby, I catch every word, and I repeat it a certain way. I am a little monkey dog, you know. It is really fun to me, you will know it soon. And if one of us can show you your dog's eyes, I thanks to its powerful capabilities Mimic certainly will not stay behind.

      I like it when there is always something going on. I like movement, change, new ideas. I love it when my day is pretty diverse as well as the environment in which I reside. That which I avoid like is boring.

      However, I am pretty restless, so count the fact that I like a variety of dog toys, which always come early to hang or soul. I need a little more complicated form of entertainment, you will know it soon. I'm really curious boy and a squeaky ball or cube whistle stops soon because reveal what it whistles and remove it. Do not be afraid to support me in my development, and I actually will support you in return. We'll play both and it will be nice to see!

      Even at the end I have to say that I'm boy, who likes to listen. I like human speech and its diversity. I'm smart and understand quickly, so if you want me to learn something, just talk to me, talk and talk.