Coton Angels From Dolce


Dog - Aries 21.03. up to 20.04.

      I want to tell you that the characteristics of a dog born in Aries are alive and fresh. This sign gives me leadership, determination, enthusiasm and often impatient. I am eager to try new things. I'm just full of animal movement. However, if my lord and similar characteristics, there is a problem. Both will be missed patience.

      I strongly desire for freedom and need to be everywhere at first! Sometimes, perhaps even before his master, or at least before the other dogs, please try to understand. I am a born leader of the dog pack. In the true sense of the word "workhorse".

      Sometimes very reluctantly leaving his duties because of "dog play". If my training is conducted but also playfully, then everything is easy to learn, I promise you. I am physically very active, often with me but also manifested great uneasiness. Then it is important to employ me.

      What is for me - dog - Aries, the important thing is that I need space. You can not leave me all day locked in a kennel or tied in the shed. Please do not do it. In that case, do not expect to find that I was there. I'll definitely find a loophole through which to escape. I need to have my freedom. This is perhaps understandable when I born in Aries.

      I am very playful in old age, like my age it was almost impossible to see. I like to play with different "dog toys" or do anything with what his discharge the condenser tremendous amount of energy.

      Do not count on me with the fact that you know me. You can not even guess what I'll do in the next second. This does not even know myself. Teach me to concentrate, hunt, look, just anything at what you can prove what I am smart, fast and tenacious dog.

      I have a strong will, shall surely see for yourself. I must warn you, however, that it sometimes leads to belligerent stance during my intention to win. I know that I need to understand that I have for you my friend, whom you love, then I will fight with you and would like to learn anything. I love you very much, I just need to be reassured that you me as well.